BlueOtter (blueotter) wrote in oklacon,
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Oklacon Summer Fur-B-Que

Come one, come all, to the Oklacon Summer Fur-B-Que event! On June 30 at 2pm we will meet at Stars and Stripes Park in OKC for an afternoon of hot dogs, outdoor games, and "furry fellowship" as we rock it as a furry family and prepare to party it up for Oklacon 2012, the tenth anniversary of which happens this October! If you're a suiter, we encourage you to suit up, as we'll be taking a ton of pictures. :}

This event is open to any fur and their friends, whether or not they have registered for Oklacon, and whether or not they live in Oklahoma.

Please bring $5 to put in the food jar, which will pay for dogs, chips, soda, salsa, and the venue. If you'd like to bring some of your own charcoal and meat, feel free to grill up anything else you'd care to bring. :)
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